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A Note From The Founder

Welcome to the Lockdown University community! I started LU in the early days of the COVID pandemic as a way to enrich my family’s time during lockdown in South Africa, build community, and combat feelings of isolation. What began with a small group of family and friends quickly evolved into a global community of lifelong students who learn as much from our brilliant lecturers as we learn from each other. While we may not always agree, we all come to the table with curiosity and respect. I like to say that 1 + 1 = 11, and there is no better example of that in my life than this community. I hope you will join us! Welcome to the Lockdown University family!

an image of Wendy Fisher

Wendy Fisher

About Lockdown University

Founded in 2020 by Wendy Fisher, supported by the Kirsh Foundation, Lockdown University is an online community and webinar series with lecturers whose expertise spans history, culture, geopolitics, Jewish culture and history, current events, art history, contemporary and classical performing arts, design and architecture, literature, psychology, religion, philosophy, and more. LU is dedicated to creating free and dynamic educational content, building an engaged and diverse community, and fostering connection.

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