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Helen Fry
The Mystery of Rudolph Hess

Tuesday 9.07.2024


Helen Fry explores the strange flight of Hitler’s deputy, Rudolf Hess, to Britain on 10 May 1941. As the highest-ranking prisoner ever captured during WWII, Hess was held by British intelligence at a number of secret locations, but what can really be known about his time after capture?

Helen Fry

an image of Helen Fry

Helen Fry has authored and edited over 25 books covering the social history of the Second World War, including British Intelligence and the secret war, espionage, and spies, as well as MI9 escape and evasion. She is the foremost authority on the “secret listeners” who worked at special eavesdropping sites operated by British Intelligence during WWII. Helen is the official biographer of MI6 spymaster, Colonel Thomas Joseph Kendrick. She has also extensively written about the 10,000 Germans who fought for Britain during WWII. Helen has appeared in a number of documentaries and has provided advisory services for TV and drama. She also appears regularly in media interviews and podcasts. Helen is an ambassador for the National Centre for Military Intelligence (NCMI) and serves as a trustee of both the Friends of the Intelligence Corps Museum and the Medmenham Collection. She works in London.