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Trudy Gold
Death of a Tyrant: The World of Adolf Hitler

Tuesday 30.04.2024


79 years ago on the 30th of April, Adolf Hitler committed suicide, but the impact of the evil he unleashed is still with us today. Trudy Gold asks, what were the ideas and forces that created the monster? In this lecture, she examines how easily the democratic process was overturned to create a totalitarian regime ruled through the iron will of a man committed to creating a Germanic Empire based on war, race and bloodline.

Trudy Gold

An image of Trudy Gold

Trudy Gold was the CEO of the London Jewish Cultural Centre and a founding member of the British delegation to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA). Throughout her career she taught modern Jewish history at schools, universities, and to adult groups and ran seminars on Holocaust education in the UK, Eastern Europe, and China. She also led Jewish educational tours all over the world. Trudy was the educational director of the student resources “Understanding the Holocaust” and “Holocaust Explained” and the author of The Timechart History of Jewish Civilization.